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Current tax or legal advisory.

Relate to providing current tax or legal advisory services. We ensure our Firm dedicated consultants be at your disposal; they perform their work under Partners’ supervision. A form of consultation is adapted to your needs. Most often these are pieces of advice given by phone or electronic mail. Service is provided as quickly as practicable.

Issuing a tax or legal opinion.

Relate to analysis of the specified issue presented by the Client in view of tax or law depending on Client’s needs. Such service can relate to facts which have already occurred or future events. Opinions are prepared by an advocate or legal advisor and are in the written form.

Restructuring forms of conducted business activity.

Consists of advisory services in the above-mentioned scope and implementing the most relevant option for the specified Client. Our analysis takes into account legal, tax, financial issues as well as needs of the specified Client. In particular, in the above scope, such options of restructuring are implemented as in-kind contributions to a company, transformation of business entities, mergers and divisions of companies, including listed companies.

Analysis of comparative data in a transaction between related entities.

Covers analysis of transactions between related entities in view of verification whether prices applied in transactions between related entities are consistent with market conditions. Such type of service complies with legal regulations which came into force on 1 January 2017. In the above scope the Company works on specialist software used by tax authorities.

Documents related to transactions between related entities.

Relates to transactions between related entities (local file) as well as preparing information on a group of related entities (master file). Such service complies with legal regulations which came into force on 1 January 2017.

Due diligence.

Service provided before taking a decision on the acquisition of a business unit. It assumes verifying the object of a potential transaction in view of law, tax and finance. Due diligence ends by preparing a report on the basis of which the Client can take a decision related to the acquisition of the specified business unit.

Tax audits.

Within this scope the Company acts on the basis of preventive measures, i.e. settlements of the Clients are verified in view of specified taxes so as to minimise risk during potential tax inspections. The most frequently conducted audits relate to CIT, VAT and real estate tax. Tax audit ends by preparing a report with information on diagnosed risks. Clients very often order this service in connection with closing of the financial year before preparing a CIT-8 tax statement.

Representation in tax matters.

The scope of provided services is wide as it covers both tax audits, tax procedures as well as court and administration procedures related to tax matters. The scope of provided services includes preparing of the specified pleadings, representing a Client before tax authorities and courts.

Interpretation of tax laws and advance protective tax decisions.

This type of service consists in preparing relevant applications depending Client and potential representation. Such service complies with new regulations in the above-mentioned scope and, in particular, General Anti-Avoidance Rule (the so-called GAAR).

Defence in fiscal and penal procedure.

This type of service covers specifying the line of defence, preparing pleadings as well as representing a Client before tax authorities and courts.

Bookkeeping services.

This type of service covers keeping and storing of tax books within the meaning of relevant laws, including: revenue and expense ledger as well as accounting books which consist of: a ledger, an account of main ledger and supplementary books. The service also includes keeping tax documents consisting of: separate ledger for tax on goods and services (VAT), tangibles and intangibles ledger, fixtures and fittings ledger.
The services also include preparing relevant tax (reports) statements, annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, additional information), preparing minutes from the general meeting, including resolution drafts and preparing forms to be filed with KRS [the National Court Register]) as well as constant contact with tax authorities.

HR and payroll.

This type of service covers comprehensive settlement of employees and partners (contract of mandate, contract on specific work, copyright agreement, compensation specified in law for performing functions in decision-making authorities of legal persons) starting from preparing relevant documents related to labour law (by-laws, employment contracts, mandate contracts, professional risk assessments, termination letters, annexes, certificates, employment records) by keeping personal files (registration of work time of employees and contractors, work attendance register, holidays register, documents related to parentage, monitoring validity of periodic medical checks as well as preliminary and periodic trainings related to BHP [safety and hygiene at work]) and finishing at PIT and ZUS [the Polish Insurance Institution] settlements.

JPK [Standard Audit File for Tax].

This type of service can be realised by a couple of methods, i.e. the Company may verify compliance of registers kept by the Client in view of correct preparation of JPK and the Company can also independently prepare a JPK on the basis of data included in registers of the specified Client.

Classification by type of tangibles.

Such service includes audit of tangibles with the specified client in view of technique, accountancy and tax. It takes into account specifics of use of tangibles by the specified Client. As a result of audit, a reclassification of tangibles can be performed. This service is very useful in view of amortisation related to CIT and correct settlement of real estate tax.


This type of service is adapted for the specified client and transaction. The object of appraisal can be an enterprise, an organized part of enterprise, real estate as well as trademarks. From the appraisal a report is prepared with the appraisal methodology and adopted assumptions

Debt collection.

This type of service comprehensive debt management and contact with debtors. In particular, the service includes preparing calls for payment, amicable attempts to resolve the matter with the debtor, representation in court disputes, assistance at bailiff’s actions. The service also includes advisory services related to perception of receivables in view of accountancy and tax (e.g. np. bad debt relief).


In this scope our Firm organises workshops related to tax, law and finance. These are both workshops for everyone as well as organised for the specified group exclusively. Workshops are organised both in the Firm’s headquarters as well as in the place designated by the Client. Exclusive workshops are organised to fulfil needs of the specified Client. Participants receive relevant training materials.

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